Phiga Corporation was created 15 years ago with one purpose in mind - to design and deliver outstanding software systems and solutions. Employing brightest resources and latest technology our company has been doing just that. Our projects involve multiple industries, markets, and geographies.

From world-wide deployment of Service Desk System for #3 in-the-world Chemical Company, to Developing Self-Service Modules for second larges retail security provider in the country, to Photo-Recognition System used by EZ-PASS - Phiga has always delivered outstanding and scalable products. Couple of years ago, we developed product for internal use to help us extend a reach of traditional advertising. It enjoyed such a great reception and worked so well for Phiga, that we decided to re-design it for general use. That is how qAdverts was born.

However, unlike other systems, which remain stale after initial release, qAdverts is constantly evolving, mostly based on feedback (requests and suggestions) of its users - YOU! Phiga Corporation is a privately help company incorporated in state of New Jersey with headquarters in Cherry Hill NJ

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