I am a business owner. I advertise already in local papers and billboards. Why do I need qAdverts?
Great question! Since you already advertising, you know that it costs a "pretty penny" to put it out to the public. Now, every time you would like to feature new product, capability, or simply have your ad reflect current trends, events, holidays - you have to create and pay for placing brand new ad. Another ad, another dollar spent. With qAdverts™ life is much simpler and less expensive! qAdverts™ enhances your ads, making them alive and dynamic! How? Simply by including qAdverts™ supplied QR code within your ad - you will empower your customers to see latest offer, up to the minute specials, seasonal trends, etc.. They simply scan QR code, and our platform will display on their smart-phones, tables, computer your latest offerings that You want to see them NOW! In few minutes, they might be shown your other offers, or not - its UP TO YOU!
So, I use my "fixed" or static ad to provide "dynamic" content using my own QR code?
Yes, that is only but one way of using your QR code from qAdverts™; you can also display it by itself on your establishment window, menus, flyers - anywhere. And every time your potential customer scans that code they will be provided with your LATEST and FRESH offers.
Where do I get this QR Code?
The code that is UNIQUE TO YOU will be specifically generated for you by qAdverts™ system during your sign-up process. 
I am not an artist?  I don't know anything about WEB? - How difficult is it to change an offer or put new one in?
The process is very simple and qAdverts™ guides you through it every step of the way. 
New offers are added and edited from your personal qAdverts™ dashboard. 

.  Just select "add/edit" an offer;
.  Select template view that is most appropriate / attractive for your product;
.  Simple type your offer using named fields;
.  Click on view offer - to see what would look like once available to your customers.

Once you are happy with offer appearance, click on release, and offer is immediately available to ALL your Customers!
How often I can change my offers?  Is there a limit?
As often as you like; and there is no limit on number of changes you may do during billing period.
We are launching a soccer event in the area, can we use the qAdverts™ to raise awareness and bring-in more people?
Absolutely, by implementing the qAdverts™ system you can increase your event awareness. Simply select the "EVENT" deal template when setting up a deal. The more people are using your QR code, the more they are aware of the event and the more you are helping them and your businesses.
I'm a small business, how can this help me?
By signing up to qAdverts™ system you can setup your own, 'deal portal' where you can provide various unique offers to YOUR customers only. Simply sign up. This way, your QR code is the pathway to YOUR deals. Update them anytime, keep your customers "current".