The more 'qAdverts' QR codes you place everywhere you can,
the more people will scan it to see latest
deals / announcements / events
the more revenue you will ultimately get.
Simple !
Don't I need to install an app for my phone? Absolutely not. We have made the system so generic and so "smart" that your phone will look and work as if an app is downloaded, but in fact nothing is loaded on to your phone. With this capability, we don't really care what phone type or model you have, as long as you can get to the site, you will see it. You can even use an iPAD or similar.
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Can all phones scan QR codes? Any smartphone with a camera can scan a QR code. Some phones have that capability already built-in, some you simply download one of over 200+ apps specifically designed to scan QR codes.

QR is everywhere!

(have you looked at your pizza box lately?)

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Here is a quick EXPLAINER VIDEO to show you how it all works.


As a small business often times you are very limited in your marketing and advertising dollars. As a result, whatever advertising you finally do, you want to make sure you can maximize. qAdverts™ platform is a solution to maximize your advertising dollars by making static and boring ads come alive.


By simply adding your own custom QR code as generated by the qAdverts™ platform, to your ad, you immediately bring mobile users to your deals, promotions, announcements and events. In addition, they have instant access to your business contact information and maps. You are limited only by your imagination and you can change anything at any time.

Once you sign up to the qAdverts™ platform, you can immediately start populating the system with your deals, coupons, promotions, specials or anything else you like.

Customers get to the qAdverts™ portal through various ways, such as the QR code, direct links, promotional email and weekly reminder emails. As long as your QR code is there, your customers will get to you.

The Portal can be seen on a regular computer, or on ANY smartphone device, ready to be used at the time of purchase!

  • You have full control over what the "Adverts" look like.
  • You define how long you want them to be available.
  • You can have generic Adverts types, or serialized.
  • You are in full control.


Want to see a live account? Scan this with your phone:

qAdverts Demo